The Astro Geek Club

March 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

$10 or $15 for two consecutive weeks

This workshop is an informal round table discussion on any topics related to Astrology.  From anyone who has no knowledge about Astrology to the experienced professional on this subject, all are welcome!  We will be talking about how Astrology applies to one’s day-to-day life and make this modality less difficult and much more fun, as this will help you increase interest with curiosity on the subject.  You can bring books, handouts, pictures, drawings, or any other references such as links/videos to share.  In the metaphysical/spiritual community, Astrology can be labelled a science, but it is considered one of the most polarizing and underrated genres in metaphysics.  It’s from Cyprian’s personal experience that Astrology can help guide you step-by-step on your spiritual path.

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