Psychic Forensics and Intuitive Development

January 4, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Learning Light Foundation
1212 E. Lincoln Ave. Anaheim CA

Facilitated by Nick Sutcliffe
Every Thursday Night ~  New students welcome anytime

This class is for the development of both beginners as well as professional readers and/or healers.  It will provide opportunities for seasoned readers to mentor newer students in regards to working as a teacher and it will also allow the beginner reader to experience actual cases as well as advanced level students to stimulate further insight.  The class environment will be light, easy going, and very supportive which will allow for simple observation, if preferred, or actual participation during more serious cases.

Subjects will include:

Remote Viewing:  Where students will be given a name of a subject or their grid reference for instance, so they can psychically tune into them to help identify their physical description as well as describing their immediate surroundings.
Psyhcometry:  Where personal objects, such as clothing, jewelry, etc. will be used to help pick up the vibrations and personal information about the individual concerned.
Divination:  Practicing making future predictions.
Scrying:  Using an object such as a looking glass to foresee the future.
Distant Healing:  Learning to focus healing energy in an effort to help those at a different location.
Psychic Forensics:  Working on actual cases including missing persons, stolen property, or criminal activity, etc.
Mystery Guest:  Special guest will be invited to join the group.  Each student will be asked to contribute their own intuitive impressions of these individuals.  Feedback will be then be given to validate information.
Skyping:  Another opportunity to identify both personal information as well as viewing the subject’s location.  Skype will allow for the immediate feedback and verification of information.
Principals of Hawaiian Shamanism:  The seven principals show us how we create our reality.
Map Reading and Treasure Hunting:  Maps or drawings will be provided, to tune into, with the use of pendulums and dowsing rods, etc.

Cooking delights are included with each class such as homemade soups, fruit compote, pies and various other surprises.  Students should feel free to bring their own treats to share if they so wish.

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