Humanity Beyond Polarity: A Channelled Discussion

January 19, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 5:30 pm
The Learning Light Foundation
1212 East Lincoln Ave.

**For advanced tickets, please call our bookstore or email us at**


11am – 5:30pm
(with a break from 1-2:30pm)

Cost: $50.00 per participant


A gallery style channelling event with questions and answers during the morning event. Some of the channelled entities brought through will be: Ocyphius, Attilles, Buford the Faerie and Sylvester. This discussion will offer a way to relate to reality without measurement.

The second part of the event will entail an intimate conversation, set up as a workshop/ classroom idea, between the channelled entities and participants.


Roxanne Swainhart is a conscious channel, most known for channelling the entities Ocyphius and Sylvester. Since 2013, Roxanne has facilitated phenomenal dialogues that have not only clarified, but evolved our perception of abundance, relationships and reality. She has explored areas that have led many to shed limitation-based paradigms, inherent within the human psyche and shown them how to choose their own truths. A more extensive bio of Roxanne Swainhart may be found on her website:

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